What is customer service?

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Excelling in Customer Service: Understanding and Implementing Key Principles

Understanding the Customer

Understanding who a customer is crucial in customer service. A customer is someone who purchases goods, while a consumer is the one who uses them. Often, they are the same, but not always. In business, anyone can be a potential customer.

Key Differences: Customer Vs. Consumer

A customer buys products or services, whereas a consumer is the end user. Businesses aim to reach a broad audience to maximize potential profit, making nearly everyone a potential customer at some point.

The Six Principles of Excellent Customer Service

To exceed customer expectations, consider these six principles:

  1. Obtaining feedback.
  2. Excelling in communication.
  3. Making the customer feel valued.
  4. Going the extra mile.
  5. Dealing with complaints effectively.
  6. Being an expert in your product or field.

Recording Calls and Data Protection

Be aware that telephone calls may be recorded for training purposes and can be accessed under the Data Protection Act.

Customer Service Team’s Role

A customer service team often acts as a 'complaints team' to resolve issues. Good customer service, however, should be an integral part of the entire organisation, not just this team.

Responsibility for Customer Service

Every employee has a responsibility for delivering excellent customer service. It’s a collective effort, from the first to the last point of contact with the customer.

Embedding a Culture of Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service requires embedding a culture of service excellence across the organisation. We will explore this culture more in later training.

Applying the Principles in Daily Work

Integrating these six principles into your daily routine can significantly enhance the standard of service you offer, making a real difference to customer experience.


Understanding and implementing these key principles of customer service is essential for any employee to contribute to a business’s success through outstanding service.