Regulations and Customer Service

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Legal Aspects of Customer Service in the UK

In the realm of customer service, it's crucial to be aware of the legislation and regulations that govern your actions and advice. Understanding these legalities ensures compliance and prevents potential breaches.

UK's Legal Systems

The UK is governed by three legal systems: English law, Scottish law, and Northern Irish law. While English and Northern Irish laws are similar, Scottish law differs significantly. Basic knowledge of these laws is essential for customer service professionals.

Employer's Policies and Procedures

Adherence to your employer's policies and procedures is mandatory as they are designed to comply with current legislation. When in doubt, consult your manager.

Key Laws Affecting Customer Service

Laws that could impact your role include data protection, consumer protection, health & safety, equal opportunities, and disability discrimination.

Handling Customer Complaints

Understanding legal rights is vital when dealing with customer complaints. Lack of knowledge could exacerbate the situation.

Professional Conduct

Maintain a professional and helpful demeanor, especially during complaints, to prevent escalation.

Trade and Organisational Bodies

Specific industries have additional regulatory bodies, like ABTA in the travel industry, whose rules must be followed.

Workplace Regulations

Regulations directly related to your working practice include manual handling and display equipment regulations. Ensure your workstation is safe and comply with local health and safety procedures.