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When we talk about customer service we need to understand that there may be legislation and regulations that you must comply with or that could be broken if your advice and actions are not correct.

There are three legal systems in the UK which are English law, Scotish law and Northern Irish law. English and Northern Irish laws are similar but the laws in Scotland are different. You do not need a full understanding of laws but you do need to know the basics.

In addition to the laws, your employer's policies and procedures must be followed as these are usually written to comply with all the latest
legislation and legislation, if in doubt you should ask your manager.

The laws that may affect you are the laws relating to data protection, consumer protection, health & safety, equal opportunities and disability

If a customer is contacting you to complain about a product or service they have rights under law that must be followed if you do not understand how
these affect your role you could make things worse. When people are complaining, it is even more important to conduct yourself in a professional
and helpful manner to try to avoid the complaint escalating into something more serious.

There may be trade body or other bodies rules that you have to follow. For example, if someone works in the travel industry they would follow the rules
of ABTA.

The final regulations you may need to be aware of are directly about your working practice and these are things like the manual handling regulations and the display quip net regulations. Ensure you keep your workstation safe and tidy and follow all local Heath and safety procedures at your place of