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We are now going to look at closing a call.
Often closing a call is the biggest challenge to employees as they can struggle to close a call professionally and there certainly is an art to doing this!

The best way to do it is to thank them for the call and summarise the action that you will be taking.
Remember this is a business call and not a conversation with a friend and considering this you must end the call in the correct way. End the call by saying ‘Thank you for the call and Goodbye’ do not use slang words.

When you are required to return a customer’s telephone call there are a number of rules that must be followed. Legally and in line with the Data Protection Act, you must confirm the identify the customer, before you discuss any issues relating to the customer.

Always ensure that you have completed a security check with the person who states that they are the customer. Your company will have a policy around identifying a customer, but usually, they consist of three questions such their date of birth, full address and any characters from their security password.

Prepare for the call and where possible makes sure you can help the customer before you call them back. If there is something that you needed to do before the call, ensure that this is completed or that you are able to explain why this has not been done.

Appropriate telephone language is an art but put simply, you need to take ownership for queries and ask the customer for permission as much as possible.

Smiling when you are on the telephone raises the tone of your voice and comes across in a positive way to callers. Try it on your next call, and you will see the clear difference in speaking with a smile and speaking with a frown!

Consider the language that you use, we need to be positive in the way we communicate. 
Phrases like ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘that’s not my job’ are ineffective try something like ‘Normally that’s not something that we offer but what I will do is speak to my manager regarding this and do my best to come up with a solution for you’ 

By using this phrase you are advising that it’s not usually possible but you are taking ownership to see if you can find a solution for them.

You should never be abrupt with a customer, consider these phrases
‘I can’t help you, speak to someone else’
Try instead ‘I need to transfer your call to another department (if possible state the department) so that they can help you, may I place you on hold whilst I do that?’

‘Hang on’
Try instead ‘may I place you on hold?’ ‘

‘Who’s calling?’
Try instead ‘may I ask who I am speaking to please?’

‘Bear with me’
Try instead ‘would you mind if I placed you on hold for a moment whilst I clarify this for you?’

All in all telephone etiquette can be summarised in one word, courtesy. It is so clear when you think about it be polite and respectful and you won’t go far wrong!