Principle 3 - Make the customer feel valued

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Building Customer Loyalty with Personal Touches

Acknowledging each customer's individuality and making them feel valued is fundamental to fostering loyalty and delivering superior customer service.

Using Customer Names Effectively

Addressing customers by their name, whether in person or over the phone, personalises the service. Decide between formal and informal address based on the context, and if unsure, politely ask the customer’s preference.

Formal vs Informal Address

In formal settings, use the full name and title. In more casual situations, first names are generally acceptable. Always check your company’s policy on addressing customers.

Treating Every Customer as Your Best

Each customer should feel they are receiving your full attention and that their needs are a priority. Thinking creatively to exceed their expectations can significantly enhance their experience.

The Power of a Smile

Smiling, both in person and on the phone, positively affects interactions. It conveys friendliness and a willingness to assist. However, always ensure your demeanour is appropriate to the customer’s mood and situation.

Resolving Customer Issues Efficiently

Address customer concerns promptly and efficiently. If immediate resolution isn’t possible, explain the situation clearly and keep the customer informed about the progress.

Constant Communication

Maintain regular communication throughout the resolution process. This demonstrates to the customer that their issue is taken seriously and that they are a valued part of your business.

Positive and Proactive Responses

Always respond positively and proactively. Let customers know that their satisfaction is important to you and to the company.