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If you follow the key principles outlined earlier, you will provide great customer service. The ultimate aim of a successful organisation is to ensure that all customers receive an overall excellent experience.

Therefore, customer service principles must be widespread and the customer should expect to receive a consistently good service no matter which individual assists them. There are a few steps that need to be followed in order to create a customer service culture.

Define a service culture -
This sounds difficult but actually, it isn’t, think about the things you want customers to say about your service or product and about their experience with your company. These things will be individual to the company and should form part of the overall business strategy.

Having a good customer service culture is key to the success of any business as this ensures that repeat business is secured and that they are likely to tell others about their experience. Thinking about what you want the customers to say will naturally define how employees within the business need to act.

Employees need to be consistently trained on the requirements of the business in relation to customer service. This must start at the top and the leadership and management team need to pave the way for this to happen and practice what they preach. This is where the culture begins and starts with people who want to do the right thing.

Hire the right people -
Once you know where you want to go you need to hire the right people who will help you get there. Employees should be hired for their qualifications, experience and skill. When it comes to customer service we are looking at the right attitude and will the employee fit into the culture that you want to build or sustain? It’s not just about personality but also about a cultural fit.

Train your team -
If employees have the right attitude and personality that matches the culture then the service will be consistent throughout. Employees need to understand what is required of them and how they are required to act. Giving training in this area is the only solution, training may consist of attending a course or shadowing a more experienced member of the team.

Aline expectations -
Everyone needs to understand the vision for customer service, we talked about ascertaining what the business strategy is for customer service but this is pointless unless your team understand what this is. Consider holding meetings and reinforcing customer service through appraisal or team meetings so that everyone understands the standards.

Ensure that all employees have a chance to find how this culture works for them. Creating a customer service culture is not a ‘one size fits all process’. People need to experiment and find their natural fit and what works well for them.