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It may seem odd to talk about data protection on a customer service course but keeping data safe will reduce one way of receiving complaints. It is the duty of employers and employees to safeguard data about a person under the data protection act.

You need to always make sure you are talking to the right person by carrying out your companies security checks. If in doubt about the person’s identity ask your manager for advice.

You need to understand the data protection rules. You are not allowed to give out any information that you hold to someone without the correct permissions. When discussing any problem you must make sure that you do not accidentally give out any information that you are not supposed to. This can be about a person or about a process in your company. Sometimes a customer can pressure you into trying to say things that you are not supposed to. Stay calm, factual and think before you speak.

When meeting a customer, take as little paperwork as you need to so that you avoid anyone seeing information in a file that may be confidential.

Under data protection, an individual has the right to have a copy of the information held by a business that personally identifies them. Your notes and comments could be handed over if a formal request has been made so when making notes, be factual and ensure that all the information is correct and that there are no personal thoughts or comments that are not relevant.

Do not be scared of making notes by data protection regulation. Making notes is an important part of ensuring good customer service. Your notes will show that you are doing your job correctly and it will avoid you making mistakes.