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It is often the little things that make a difference in providing good customer service. Going the extra mile can sometimes be just the simple things that make the difference from good to great customer service. A few things to consider are:

1. Build a rapport with your customer
Get in the habit of responding to phone calls, emails or correspondence quickly. The customer needs to feel that they are at the top of your list of priorities. Try to maintain a record of your customer with relevant information, make notes and set deadlines for anything outstanding. Follow up on queries and keep in contact when required.

Use appropriate humour with your customer, this makes you come across as human and ensures that your customer feels comfortable in your presence. Try to remember some unique information about the customer, even if this is simply a previous order.

They need to feel special and valued.

Never under-deliver. Your reputation with this customer is extremely important and never make a promise that you cannot keep. You must always deliver on what you have agreed. If you think you can do more than this will come as a pleasant surprise if you succeed.

2. Asking if there is anything else you can help with.

Often customers feel embarrassed to ask for help as they feel that they should be able to cope on their own. By asking if there is anything else you can help with you are offering support rather than it being asked for. Building on the example above, when offering a customer a product it is possible that they may need further assistance or that there could be something else that they need. Asking if you can help with anything else will open the door to additional queries and often increased sales.

Be proactive and try to understand your customer and to anticipate their needs. Think outside the box, what could they need to make their service or product better? Offer them additional support where you can.

3. Remember your manners
You should always be polite to your customers and use please and thank you throughout the customer experience. Always say thank you, often simple manners can be easily forgotten but be thankful for the customer choosing your product or service, after all, they are keeping you in a job!