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One of the most aggregating things that can happen to a customer is to be left waiting, not knowing what is happening and whether their enquiry is even being dealt with.

This applies to phone calls and customer visits and even emails.

When someone calls and you have to pass the call to a colleague or find more information, make sure that at all times you keep the customer informed and if it is taking longer to sort the problem, get back to the customer and tell them you are still looking in to the issue and is it still ok for them to hold. If they do not want to hold, take their number and tell them when you will call them back and most importantly actually call them when you said you would, even if there is nothing to report yet.

If you are seeing someone in person, the same applies. People need to b acknowledged when they arrive rather than just waiting. A simple hello or I will be with you shortly can avoid a difficult situation arising un-necessarily. If you are delayed and cannot deal with that person quickly keep apologising to them or see if someone else can help them.

Once you are able to speak with them a simple sorry for the delay can defuse the situation immediately. Deal with their issue promptly and if you have to leave them to find something out, tell them and say how long you will be. If it takes longer come back to them and keep them updated. People usually don't mind waiting but they do not like being ignored or forgotten.

Emails are different but you can still acknowledge their email and tell them you will get back to them quickly and you can keep them updated on the progress of their enquiry.