Customer Service Level 2 (VTQ) Training Videos

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Improve your communication skills by learning great customer service techniques for both in person and digital! This course will enormously benefit any employee which deals with customers directly. It's so easy, just pay for your course online and start training!


In this first section we introduce you to your Customer Service course, and explain how it works. This course is designed to help you to conduct effective customer service. We then explain to you what customer service is, and the different customers you may come across. You will then learn about data protection in relation to customer service, and regulations surrounding customer service.

Principles of customer service

There are 6 main principles of customer service, and in this section we explain each of them in more detail.

Customer service culture

Having a good customer service culture is key to the success of any business as this ensures that repeat business is secured and that they are likely to tell others about their experience. In this section we talk to you about how you can achieve this. You will learn about creating a first impression, telephone etiquette and how to identify a complaint. You will also learn how to follow up and handle a complaint. Finally, we talk you through face to face customer service, and how to handle people waiting.

Customer Service Scenarios

In these scenarios, we will show examples of both good and bad customer service. You will see a telephone customer service scenario, a customer service desk scenario, and a language barrier scenario.

Course Summary

In this final section we talk you through a recent example of a good customer service call. We then summarise the course to explain how the test works, the downloads that are available and how you can review any part of the course before or after you have passed the final test. With all our courses you have access for 8 months so it is a good reference tool for the future.

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1 hour and 31 minutes




Keith Sleightholm



Customer Service Level 2 (VTQ) at a Glance

  • Understand more about customer service and make your work more enjoyable and rewarding
  • Increase sales and repeat business by treating people correctly
  • Learn about different methods of communication
  • Ideal for any business sector and any level of employee
  • Customer service training is also ideal to increase working relationships between employees.
  • Covers correct use of telephones to defuse potential situations between you and your customer
  • Available as video online, virtual, blended or face to face nationwide at your workplace
  • This qualification and most of the other ProTrainings qualifications are Endorsed by TQUK

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Customer Service Level 2 (VTQ)

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